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RealInsights 5th Annual RE Private Equity Summit

This article published by National Real Estate Investor shares 5 important topics from the convention

SOLD! 568 Old Waterloo Rd, Unit 103 ~ Cannon Professional Center

Congratulations to Mr. Mark Fischer of Fischer Investments on the purchase of Unit 103 in the Cannon Professional Center on Waterloo Road!  

Walker Business Park Units

Walker Business Park is a great section of Warrenton quietly located off Walker Drive on Holiday Court.  This building is conveniently situated with easy access in or out of town.  Whether you are looking to purchase or lease we have two units available to meet either need.  

Unit 105 is for sale and/or lease; the monthly rate is $2,500 plus utilities.  Unit 106 is for lease only, monthly rate is $2,500 plus utilities.  Each unit is approximately 1,800 square feet with a reception area, assembly area, two restrooms and five offices.  

Contact us at (540) 347-2610 or info@cresincorporated for more information!

The Future of Retail Shops

We’ve covered this subject before however we are revisiting it through this article by Charles Lew on LinkedIn.  What we’re seeing is the increase of online sales with the closure of more and more brick & mortar businesses.  New locations are being sought after for warehouses to accommodate online purchases, buildings are being constructed for storage not store fronts.  

How do we feel about these changes?  The ease of shopping from the comfort of your home is priceless for many reasons, parents who prefer to shop without kids in tow, health problems, time constraints, lack of transportation and the pure convenience of items being delivered right to your door.  However, as Mr. Lew stated in his article what about the physical shopping experience?  Using our senses per say to make purchases, feel the clothes, smell the food?  While recently shopping in Old Town Warrenton, I and had the loveliest conversation with a shop employee, small talk, nothing of great importance but it was the interaction that completed the experience.  You simply cannot get that from online shopping or even socializing digitally for that matter.                        

Just some food for thought!  Happy Thursday everyone, have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  


Fauquier Free Clinic 20th Annual Charity Golf Tournament


CRES Inc will be among the sponsors of the Fauquier Free Clinic’s 20th Annual Charity Golf Tournament!

Fauquier Springs Country Club will be hosting the charity event again this year.  The shotgun start is at 11:00am and we are seriously hoping for cooperation from mother nature…we shall see.  

This tournament is one of three major events to raise money for both the clinic and it’s services.  The clinic continues to expand services including mental health and dental assistance for children and senior citizens. 

We’re looking forward to a successful and [dry] 18 holes of golf!


For Sale or Lease! Unit 105 Walker Business Park


For sale or lease, Unit 105 in the Walker Business Park office complex off of Walker Drive in Warrenton.  This space is 1,800 square feet with a reception area, six offices, 2 restrooms and an open work space.  The sale price is $310,000; the lease price is $2,500 a month.  The office park has easy access to Blackwell Road and Rt. 29  Contact us at CRES, Inc. for more information!  

Check out the video here:

Social Media Madness

The world we live in today is different in so many ways, things are progressing at break neck speed although here in Fauquier County some may disagree depending on who you’re talking to.  With our broadband issues, we are still trying to get up to speed however, more and more people are relying on social media to get news, information, ideas, see what folks are up to.  We are reaching new heights of awareness & knowledge, becoming more in tune with the online world.  Social Media can reach us so much faster than printed publications; we’re all tapping into our ‘inner reporter’ throughout our daily lives.  Either jump on the bandwagon or get left in the dust; CRES Inc. is along for the ride.  

As seen on the Today show, architect Changiz Tehrani has incorporated a bit of social with his own spin on this building in The Netherlands:  Gargoyles to Emoji  Perhaps that’s going too far, but it is yet another sign that the times are indeed changing. 

So how do YOU ‘Social’ize?  Who do you follow?  Where do you get the latest, news, tips or even town gossip?  You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram .  

See you there?! 

Culpeper Street is Coming Alive!


Local businesses are breathing life into old buildings here on Culpeper Street.  Opening next door to us is the new Black Bear Mercantile & Butchery; to our right is the new location for Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine.  We’ve also been watching the transformation of the building across the street which will house a new bakery called Gâteau. 

Wonderful things are happening in OTW & we are very excited to be a part of it all!  With the new Main Street initiative, the possibilities seem endless ~

SOLD! 4084 University Drive, Fairfax, Virginia

Congratulations to Waterloo Enterprises on the sale of their building located at 4084 University Drive in the City of Fairfax.  This property was purchased by 4084, LLC.

SOLD! 25 Horner Street, Warrenton VA

Congratulations to Joy Herndon, owner of Cardinal Abstract Company on her purchase of 25 Horner Street, in Old Town Warrenton!