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The Future of Retail Shops

We’ve covered this subject before however we are revisiting it through this article by Charles Lew on LinkedIn.  What we’re seeing is the increase of online sales with the closure of more and more brick & mortar businesses.  New locations are being sought after for warehouses to accommodate online purchases, buildings are being constructed for storage not store fronts.  

How do we feel about these changes?  The ease of shopping from the comfort of your home is priceless for many reasons, parents who prefer to shop without kids in tow, health problems, time constraints, lack of transportation and the pure convenience of items being delivered right to your door.  However, as Mr. Lew stated in his article what about the physical shopping experience?  Using our senses per say to make purchases, feel the clothes, smell the food?  While recently shopping in Old Town Warrenton, I and had the loveliest conversation with a shop employee, small talk, nothing of great importance but it was the interaction that completed the experience.  You simply cannot get that from online shopping or even socializing digitally for that matter.                        

Just some food for thought!  Happy Thursday everyone, have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  


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